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Board of Directors Closed Session at 5:15pm and Open Session at 6PM

Please see the bottom of this page for the Agenda and Staff Reports for Thursday May 6, 2021 Board of Directors meeting. 

Closed Session 5:15PM - Open Session 6 PM

To ensure public participation for the Los Osos Board of Directors meeting there are two links for this months Board of Directors meeting



To participate in Public Comment on Closed Session items log on at 5:15 PM for public comment before Closed Session begins, by going to - If logging in via phone dial 1 (669) 900-6833 or 1 (346) 248-7799 and enter 85672377714 - Meeting will be locked once closed session begins.

6 PM Meeting - For quick access, go to
(This link will help connect both your browser and telephone to the call)
OR dial 1 (669) 900-6833 or 1 (346) 248-7799 and enter 847 7009 3895

All persons desiring to speak during any Public Comment can submit a comment by:

· Through email at by 12:00pm on 05/06/2021

· Through the district website by 12:00pm on 05/06/2021

· Through teleconference by phone at 1 (669) 900-6833 and enter 874 7009 3895 for open session, for Closed Session - 85672377714

· Through teleconference meeting at

Pursuant to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-29-20, members of the Board of Directors, staff and public may participate in this meeting via teleconference and/or electronically. The LOCSD Boardroom will NOT be open for accessing the special meeting.

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