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About The District

Mission Statement

The Los Osos Community Services District shall provide the best possible services to the community of Los Osos including water, drainage, parks and recreation, solid waste, street lighting for Vista De Oro and Bayridge Estates, fire emergency and rescue response.  The Board of Directors and staff shall respond with excellence to meet the community's needs and desires.  The Board shall encourage community participation in its decision-making and shall facilitate the interaction between the community and other agencies and levels of government.

Main Offices At:                   2122 9th Street, Suite 110
                                                 Los Osos, CA  93402

Board Meeting Room:        2122 9th Street, Suite 106
                                                 Los Osos, CA  93402

Mailing Address:                  PO Box 6064, Los Osos, CA  93412

Telephone:                            805-528-9370

Fax:                                         805-528-9377

Office Hours:                          Monday-Friday
                                                  Lobby Hours: 9:00 am - 3:00 pm

Regular Board Meetings:    Meetings will generally be held the 
                                                  1st Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm
                                                   at the Los Osos Community Services Board Room,
                                                   2122 9th Street Suite 106, Los Osos

Want More Information?      A library of reference materials and
                                                   handouts is available in the LOCSD lobby

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