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What We Do

Los Osos is an unincorporated area of San Luis Obispo County.  The Los Osos Community Services District (LOCSD) is a Special District under the State of California and is responsible for water (Baywood Park area), fire protection + emergency medical services, some drainage, limited parks and recreation, and street lighting. 

San Luis Obispo County has land use authority, road service, and drainage services throughout the community of Los Osos.  All building, planning, and permitting in the community of Los Osos is under the jurisdiction of San Luis Obispo County.  

New permitting/planning projects in Los Osos are reviewed by the Los Osos Community Advisory Council (LOCAC) which makes recommendation to the San Luis Obispo County Board of Supervisors.

Our Mission:

The Los Osos Community Services District shall provide the best possible services to the community of Los Osos including water, drainage, parks, recreation, street lighting, and emergency, fire and rescue response. The Board of Directors and staff shall respond with excellence to meet the community’s needs and desires. The Board shall encourage community participation in its decision-making and shall facilitate the interaction between the community and other agencies and levels of government.

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