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Wildland Fire Prevention and Preplanning

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Fire Prevention and Disaster Preplanning

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Hazard Abatement Deadline was June 1st.  
Create a Lean, Clean and Green Zone to protect your home.


defensible space

California law (PRC 4291) and LOCSD Fire Code Title 4 require property owners and/or occupants to create 100 feet of DEFENSIBLE SPACE around homes and buildings.

To create a Lean, Clean and Green Zone 30 feet immediately surrounding your home.

Defensible space:

  • is an area around a structure where fuels and vegetation are treated, cleared or reduced to slow the spread of wildfire towards the structure.
  • provides room for firefighters to do their jobs.

Start with the easiest and least expensive actions.  Begin your work closest to your house and move outward.  Keep working on the more difficult items until you have completed your entire project


  • Select less flammable plants for your Lean, Clean and Green Zone.
  • Shorter plants (less than 2 feet) are safer than taller ones.
  • If kept green, herbaceous plants (grass and non-woody flowers) are better choices than shrubs and trees.
  • If planting shrubs and trees, choose deciduous (trees that shed their leaves) over evergreens. Avoid planting juniper, pine and palms.
  • Remove tree limbs that are touching the house or deck, or are within 10 feet of the chimney. If limbs are encroaching on overhead lines, contact your telephone or power company for removal.
  • Use hard surfaces (concrete, stone, asphalt, brick, etc.) in your landscaping.
  • Clear ALL flammable vegetation from within 10 feet of propane tanks.


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