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Strategic Planning and Management

Management Objectives are prepared by the General Manager of the district based on their years of experience, input from the CSD Board members and staff, and thorough evalution of the governance, administration and operations of the district. Accomplishing the objectives assists the district in providing the highest level of public service possible whill assuring the accountability and full transparency of the Los Osos CSD.

The objectives below were reviewed and approved by the District Board of Directors. The purpose of the objectives is to ensure alignment of management actions with the vision of the District’s future by its Board of Directors. 

A District strategic plan does not currently exist, and these objectives, once final and approved, will serve as a means of accomplishing the Board’s goals. The status of completion of these objectives should be reviewed on a quarterly basis and updated as needed, such as when unforeseen issues or needs arise requiring a high level of management involvement, following the election of new directors and upon the preparation of a District strategic plan. 

Management Objectives for 2016-17 approved June 2nd, 2016
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