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Request for Proposal Program C Water Main Transmission Project

Issue Date: June 6, 2022

The Los Osos Community Services District (District) has prepared this Request for Proposal (RFP) for the implementation of a Project to convey potable water from the District’s new Program C Water Supply Well to the main pressure zone of LOCSD. Qualified engineering consultants are being requested to provide a proposal addressing the scope and needs of this Project described herein.

Proposal Due Date: June 29, 2022 (3 pm PST). Any proposals received after this date/time will be returned to the proposer un-opened. It shall be the proposers’ responsibility to verify and confirm receipt of the proposals by the specified due date and time.

Pre-Proposal Meeting: A non-mandatory pre-proposal meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 15, 2022, at 10 am, at the District’s office in Los Osos, CA. Consultants may, on their own, tour the project alignment as part of this proposal effort.

Proposers may contact Steve Tanaka, Wallace Group at 805-441-2293 for additional information. Proposal Delivery Location: Los Osos Community Services District, 2122 9th Street, Los Osos, CA 93402. All proposals shall be in sealed envelopes, with a label containing proposal title, name of firm proposing, and proposal due date and time. SUBMIT PROPOSED FEES IN A SEPARATE SEALED ENVELOPE WITHIN THE MAIN SEALED PROPOSAL ENVELOPE.

Number of Copies of proposal to be Provided: 2 hard copies, one PDF (on thumb drive or CD, exclude fees from the electronic copy please).

Contact: Steve Tanaka, Wallace Group, 805-441-2293 for details and information regarding this proposal and associated requirements.

2022-06-06 Program C Well Water Transmission Main Design RFQ (1).pdfAddendum No 1 Program C Pipeline.pdf

 Supplemental Documents:

LOCSD Geotechnical Report Vol.1.pdfLOCSD Geotechnical Report Vol.2.pdfLOCSD Water Atlas April 2012.pdfRecord Drawings_South Bay Well Pipeline.pdfArea A - Inspector Asbuilts 11 x 17.pdfArea A - ARB Asbuilts 24 x 36.pdfArea B - Inspector Asbuilts 11 x 17.pdfArea B - WAR Asbuilts 24 x 36.pdfArea C - Inspector Asbuilts 11 x 17.pdfArea C - WAR Asbuilts 24 x 36.pdfArea D - ARB Asbuilts 24 x 36.pdfArea D - Inspector Asbuilts 11 x 17.pdf2021-19 Adopting MND for Program C Well.pdf
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