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Mission County Disposal Clean Up Week March 4th-March 8th

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Clean Up Week will be March 4th - March 8th. For Bulky Items (see the list below) you must call at LEAST one week prior to your collection day to schedule 805-543-0875 - Discounted pick up rates for Bulky Items are provided for those item. 

Container Notes

Cleanup Week garbage may be placed in standard trash cans or tied into bundles. Standard trash containers will be emptied and left on the curb. Boxes and plastic bags will be taken away with your garbage. If you want your non-standard containers left behind, please mark or place a note on them.

Container Size

Containers or bundles of garbage must weigh 75 pounds or less and must measure four feet or less in overall length. No hazardous materials will be taken. Garbage, greenwaste, & recycling combined for 6 cans, bags, or bundles plus your waste wheelers. Excess garbage will be left on the curb.
SIX standard trash cans (31 gallons each) OR the equivalent in bags, boxes, or bundles. Each not to exceed 75 pounds and four feet in length. 

General Tip

1. Please don’t use plastic bags in the commingled recycling or greenwaste cans. Inadvertently someone will throw garbage in with the recycling and contaminate the entire load. Just dump the recycling in the can and throw the bag away.
2. Large pieces of cardboard need to be cut up or broken down so they fit in the blue recycle cart. The automated trucks can’t pick up loose cardboard. If you need a bigger blue bin call the office. There is a fee to remove extra cardboard.
3. If you forget to put your cans out by 6:00AM and we have to send a truck back to your house, there will be a trip charge for each commodity.
4. It is important to not pack the waste wheeler so tight that when turned upside down, nothing will come out.
The office number is 805-543-0875.

Bulky Items – LIMIT TWO EACH - Bulk item rates are different for each city

You must call Mission Country Disposal at least one week before your collection day to schedule. 805-543-0875

Place your Clean-Up Week garbage on the curb no later than 6:00 a.m. on your regular garbage collection day. Don’t block your waste wheelers, we still run automated trucks.
The following special prices are valid only during Clean-Up Week and must be on the curb to qualify:
• Televisions
• Water Heaters
• Couches
• Washers
• Dryers
• Small Appliances
• Chairs
• Box Springs
• Mattresses
• Refrigerators
• Overstuffed Chairs
• No auto parts
To arrange for pickup of bulky items (not free) you must first call 805-543-0875.
Bulky items will not be picked up unless you call first.

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