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February 2022 LOCSD ENEWS Online

Concept Plan for the Dog Park - Parks and Recreation Committee Meeting February 15
Concept Plan for future Dog Park

Join us on Tuesday February 15th at 5:30pm as the Parks and Recreation Committee discuss the revised Concept Plan for the Dog Park.

Here is a revised Version 2 of the concept plan, put together with donated time from the Wallace Group, represents the committees efforts thus far.  The next steps are to settle on the design details: dog park surface materials, fencing materials/style, landscaping, parking, ect. 

We are looking for community input.  Please make comments/suggestions by emailing  We will be compiling feedback and discussing at the next Parks and Recreation meeting. 

LOCSD Serves Quality Water to our Customers

The Los Osos Community Services District water system uses six source wells.  Water delivered to the LOCSD customers is groundwater that originates from the Los Osos Valley Basin.  The groundwater basin is a collection of local drainage basins, streams, creeks, and natural percolation from rain, agriculture, and domestic use.  Water is cleaned through a natural filtration process as it trickles down through the ground.  During this process, water may also pick up contaminants found in the soil, either naturally occurring minerals or substances resulting from animals or human activity.  Groundwater is normally very clean and is simply disinfected to help minimize the chance of any viral and bacterial contamination.

Each well is equipped with on-line apparatus for operation and monitoring purposes.  An alarm system is integrated in the monitoring process to notify operators if there is a problem at any well site or District facility.  Two District wells have additional filtration equipment designed to remove naturally occurring iron and manganese found in these two wells to aesthetically acceptable levels. One upper aquifer well has the nitrates removed prior to distribution into the water system. 

The Utilities Department operators are responsible for treatment of the six groundwater supply wells.  Crews are also responsible for water quality monitoring, sampling, distribution system repair/maintenance, meter reading and regulatory reporting compliance. The delivery of water to the District’s water customers is conveyed through a network of over 27 miles of water main lines, utilizing three water storage tanks, six groundwater wells connected through approximately 2,780 water service lines and meters serving residences and businesses. Included in the domestic water service infrastructure are three water storage tanks, 167 fire hydrants with some 558 valves that require periodic maintenance and inspection. These services provided by Utilities Department personnel not only assure delivery of clean, safe and potable drinking water, but also provide the water essential for firefighting.

The Drought Continues

The Los Osos Community Services District monitors rainfall through the County’s website which measures rainfall at the Los Osos Landfill.  Here is a link to that site: In December 2021 there was a total of 8.52 inches of rainfall measured there. 

Below is the US Drought map for your reference.  As you can see, we are in a moderate to severe drought in our county.

May contain: plot and diagram, California Drought Monitor 01.25.2022


Administrative Services Manager Recruitment

The Los Osos Community Services District’s Administration Department prides itself on providing the best possible service to the community of Los Osos. Los Osos is a small eclectic coastal town tucked away on the Central Coast of California and is known for its beauty and unmatched scenic views of the surrounding area.

The Los Osos Community Services District is currently accepting resumes for a full-time Administrative Services Manager position that will direct, manage, supervise, and coordinate assigned programs and activities within the Administrative Services Department including finance, human resources, payroll, risk management, customer service and information systems; act as Deputy Secretary to the Board of Directors, Deputy District Clerk, and Deputy Secretary to the District; coordinate assigned activities with other departments and outside agencies; and  provide highly responsible and complex administrative support to the General Manager.

The District offers a competitive compensation package and an exceptional work environment to its employees. A complete job description and related requirements are available on the District website

 Upcoming Meetings

LOCSD is continuing with their regularly scheduled Board, Utilities Advisory Committee, Finance Advisory Committee, Emergency Services Advisory Committee and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meetings. 

Information for each meeting and how to get connected will be available on the Agenda for each meeting. Agendas can be found on the LOCSD Website ( which is posted a minimum of 72 hours before the meeting time.

Our upcoming meetings are:

  • Board of Directors Meeting Open Session - February 3, 2022 @ 6PM
  • Parks & Recreation Meeting - February 15, 2022 @5:30PM 
  • Utilities Advisory Committee Meeting - February 16, 2022 @5:30PM 
  • Emergency Services Advisory Committee Meeting - February 17, 2022 @5:30PM 
  • Finance Advisory Committee Meeting - February 28, 2022 @ 5:30PM
  • Board of Directors Meeting Open Session - March 3, 2022 @ 6PM
  • Utilities Advisory Committee Meeting - March 16, 2022 @5:30PM 

For more information about the upcoming meetings for LOCSD, please go to our website, or click here

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