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February 2021 LOCSD ENEWS Online

Mission County Disposal Clean Up Week - March 1 - 5
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Mission County Disposal's annual Clean Up Week will be happening on March 1 - March 5, 2021. Please read the flyer for more details or call Mission County at 805-927-4995.

If you have Bulky Items you MUST call one week before your collection day to get the item picked up. There are discounted prices for bulky items during this week, and they will NOT be picked up if you do not call at least one week before. 


Services that Los Osos Community Services District Provide

The Los Osos Community Services District provides services to the community of Los Osos including water, drainage, street lighting for Vista De Oro and Bayridge Estates, fire emergency and rescue response. 


There are three water purveyors in Los Osos.  The Los Osos Community Services District Utilities Department provides quality water to a population of approximately 7,086 in areas of Los Osos and Baywood Park.  Our service area includes the numbered streets and their cross streets.  Call 805-528-9370 for water service requests.

The Sunset Terrace area near the Sea Pines Golf Course is serviced by S & T Mutual Water Company.  To establish service call 805-316-0640. 

Golden State Water Company provides water service to other areas in Los Osos including Cuesta by the Sea, Redfield Woods, Cabrillo Estates, Vista de Oro, and Bayridge Estates tracts in Los Osos. To establish service call 1-800-999-4033.


The LOCSD Utilities Department maintains four drainage pump stations throughout Los Osos.  They are located at the corners of Don Avenue and Mitchell Drive; 8th Street and El Moro Avenue; 16th Street and Paso Robles Avenue; and, 6th Street and El Moro Avenue.  In addition to the drainage pump stations, LOCSD crews maintain five drainage retention basins in Los Osos. The drainage retention basins are Bay Oaks, East Tierra, and Tierra retention basins in the Bayridge Estates subdivision; Madera retention basin in Cabrillo Estates; and, Los Arboles retention basin in Vista de Oro.


CAL FIRE Station 15-South Bay, operated under contract by Cal Fire, is your local fire station. Station 15 has primary responsibility for fires, medical aids, vehicle accidents, technical rescues, hazardous materials incidents, natural disasters and public service assistance for residents throughout the Los Osos Community Services District, Turri Road, Clark Valley Road, and for visitors throughout Montana de Oro and the Back Bay. Contact Station 15-South Bay, 2315 Bayview Heights Drive, Los Osos, 805-528-1053


Grocery Shop with Reducing and Recycling in Mind
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 From our friends at IWMA -

According to the EPA, plastic containers and packaging make up almost 30 percent of garbage nationally. To cut down on food packaging waste, keep these tips in mind while grocery shopping.

  1. Check the Recycling Guide
    You are more empowered to make conscious decisions at the grocery store when you know the recycling feasibility of different materials. Check out our Recycling Guide for information on how to dispose of food packaging and hundreds of other items. Our guide works great on smartphones so you can quickly pull it up while you’re out shopping.
  2. Be Prepared
    Bring your own alternatives to replace single-use plastics. You can make a big impact by packing your own grocery and produce bags. The average American family currently takes home about 1,500 bags a year and uses each for only 12 minutes. To cut back, you can pack reusable totes and produce bags or simply reuse the plastic bags from the last time you went shopping.
  3. Buy in Bulk, When Possible
    Items such as grains, beans and nuts can typically be bought in bulk and occasionally, container-free. This allows you to avoid packaging waste, can save you money, and also help you purchase the exact amount you need (consequently reducing food waste). Here are some items convenient to buy in bulk. Call ahead to make sure the store you’re going to is doing bulk sales and allowing customers to bring containers in during the pandemic.
  4. Get Your Hands Dirty
    Think about packaged foods you could make yourself at home. Find ideas and recipes online to make staples such as bread and crackers, condiments and salad dressings, or nut butters and milks. Staples made at home give you the option of avoiding additives and preservatives and allow for greater flexibility in making and freezing large batches.
  5. Be Intentional with Your Plastic Purchases
    It is difficult — if not impossible — to ditch plastic and buy only items in sustainable packaging. Don’t get discouraged! Instead be conscious and intentional about your purchases. Keep an eye out for the items you need packaged in more sustainable materials like glass, tin and aluminum. And continue reducing, reusing and recycling packaging when you can!


Upcoming Meetings for February 2021 and March 2021

LOCSD is also continuing with their monthly Board, Utilities Advisory Committee, Finance Advisory Committee and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meetings. 

Pursuant to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-29-20, members of the Board of Directors, staff and public may participate in this meeting via teleconference and/or electronically.

Until this order is lifted, all LOCSD meetings will be held via Zoom. Information for each meeting and how to get connected is available on the Agenda for each meeting which can be found on the LOCSD Website which is posted a minimum of 72 hours before the meeting time.

Our upcoming meetings are:

Utilities Advisory Committee Meeting - February 17, 2021 @5:30PM      

Emergency Services Advisory Committee Meeting - February 18, 2021 @ 5:30PM

Finance Advisory Committee Meeting - March 1, 2021 @ 5:30PM

Board of Directors Meeting - March 4, 2021 @ 6PM - Streamed live on the Districts facebook page at

Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting - March 16, 2021 @ 5:30PM

Utilities Advisory Committee Meeting - March 17, 2021 @5:30PM 

Finance Advisory Committee Meeting - March 29, 2021 @ 5:30PM               

The LOCSD Boardroom will NOT be open for accessing the meetings until State direction is given and meetings can occur. For more information about the upcoming meetings for LOCSD, please go to our website, or click here

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