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Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has made an effort to notify all electrical customers of the potential need to implement Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) events. These possible electrical shutoffs could potentially impact the community of Los Osos in the coming months. Electricity for Los Osos is transmitted through high voltage PG&E electrical infrastructure. To protect communities from the threat of wildfires PG&E will be implementing the PSPS as precautionary measures this coming fire season. If the threat of fire danger conditions threaten the electrical infrastructure, PG&E will be shutting off power at the high risk transmission lines, resulting in power outages for Los Osos.

 PG&E has informed the government agencies that the PSPS events could last a minimal of 48 hours with potential for longer periods. Some factors that could initiate the PSPS are:

 HIGH WINDS (including red flag warnings)


DRY VEGETATION (on the ground and live fuels)

 FIRE THREAT (to electrical infrastructure)


 Los Osos Community Services District (LOCSD) and other government agencies will be given minimal notification of the PSPS and will take action immediately. The priority of the LOCSD is to ensure the customers of the LOCSD Water District will be provided with a safe adequate supply of potable water. The LOCSD has the ability to produce and maintain a 3-5 day supply of water for its customers. During these outages it will be imperative for customers to conserve water usage and minimize waste. Some ways to conserve usage are:

-       Shutoff all irrigation systems

-       Do not water outdoor laws or wash vehicles

-       Flush toilets less frequently

-       If possible delay usage of washing machines and dishwashers

Residents of Los Osos should also take other precautionary measures to ensure they are prepared for a PSPS event. For information about other utilities and other information to help prepare for these events:


-       Review PG&E’s website to better understand how you can prepare yourself and your family for these outages


-       Sign up for alerts and more information


-       Information regarding San Luis Obispo County Utilities Division, information regarding wastewater services


-       Sign up alerts from CalFire on wildfires and wildfire preparedness information


-       Visit the County of San Luis Obispo Office of Emergency Services webpage for information regarding reverse 911, NOAA Weather information and more


-       Golden State Water customers can obtain contact information and more at

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