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April 2024 LOCSD ENEWS Online

Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Abatement
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CAL FIRE South Bay – Station 15 and Los Osos Community Services District wants to advise Los Osos Residents and property owners that the Annual Fire Hazard Reduction Abatement Deadline is coming soon. 

All properties within the District boundaries containing hazardous vegetation and other flammable materials, that constitute a public nuisance, shall be abated as per Los Osos CSD Fire Code, Health and Safety Code and Public Resources Code. Hazardous weeds are defined by the California Health and Safety Code Section 14875, as dry grass, brush, poison oak, litter, or other flammable material that created a fire hazard.

The acceptable methods of fire hazard reductions are:

  • To mow grasses and small shrubs to a height of not more than 4 inches;
  • To cut dead brush and thin brush patches and remove it by hauling or chipping over a scattered area;
  • To haul other flammable materials, trash, and debris to a landfill.

After a rainy season there is a lot of new hazardous growth. Inspections begin at the end of May, so be sure to abate to help protect our community from a wild fire.

Annual Consumer Confidence Report
May contain: tap, outdoors, and nature

We test the drinking water quality for many constituents as required by state and federal regulations. This report shows the results of our monitoring for the period of January 1 - December 31, 2023 and may include earlier monitoring data.

Type of water source(s) in use: Groundwater Wells

Name & general location of source(s): Los Osos CSD uses seven source wells: 8th Street Well, 8th Street Upper Aquifer Well, 3rd Street Well, South Bay Lower Aquifer Well, South Bay Upper Aquifer Well, 10th Street Well, and Palisades Well.

All water customers will be notified my mail or email of where they can obtain a copy of the CCR with their April/May Billing. The CCR is available at the Los Osos CSD office at 2122 9th Street, Suite 110, Los Osos, CA 93402, or you can download the report below. 

CLICK HERE to see the 2023 Consumer Confidence Report


Watering Guide for Coastal Areas
grass, plant, yard, outdoors, nature, bush, vegetation, woodland, tree, land, Waterwise Landscaping

Due to climactic differences in the county, SLO Waterwise Landscaping provides a watering guide to residents for different types of landscaping.

The website,, also has a tool that allows users to browse hundreds of beautiful landscape photos and zoom in on a selected plant.  Detailed plant photos and plant information are then displayed, enabling users to select and print a customized plant list. The website’s resources section provides additional tips on landscape design, soil preparation, planting, efficient irrigation techniques, in addition to the watering guides for the county’s different climate zones. 

Click here to go to SLO Waterwise Landscaping for more information on the watering guide for Coastal Areas!

Organic Waste - Get your Organics Waste Pail at the CSD Office
A white food scrap pail with a green lid and instructions for what can be composted.

In an effort to reduce organic waste in landfills, the IWMA provides SLO County residents a free compost pail that can be picked up from our office or requested from your solid waste hauler.

 All of your organic waste can go into your food scrap pail, and once your pail is full, it can be dumped into your green waste bin. 

Please note that compostable liners cannot be used in your compost pail. While they may break down over time, they do not decompose at the same rate as something like an orange peel or a slice of bread. These liners will clog up our anerobic digester where your scraps are turned into compost for local wine and agriculture companies to utilize (so cool! - check it out here). We recommend lining your compost pail with a piece of newspaper, brown paper bag or a paper towel instead. 

In an effort to reduce any unwanted smells coming from your pail, we suggest rinsing your pail regularly and sprinkling in some baking soda (your coffee grounds will help absorb odors too). Freezing the contents of your pail until garbage day also helps keep odors at bay! 

You can pick up a pail from Los Osos CSD, Monday-Friday from 10am-3pm, or The SLO County IWMA office is located at 870 Osos Street, San Luis Obispo CA 93401, Monday-Friday from 8am-5pm.

Upcoming Meeting Schedule for the CSD

LOCSD is also continuing with their regularly scheduled Board, Utilities Advisory Committee, Finance Advisory Committee, Emergency Services Advisory Committee and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meetings. 

Information for each meeting and how to get connected will be available on the Agenda for each meeting. Agendas can be found on the LOCSD Website ( which is posted a minimum of 72 hours before the meeting time.

Our upcoming meetings are: 

  • Board of Directors Meeting Open Session - April 4, 2024 - Closed Session @5:30 and Open @6PM
  • Utilities Advisory Committee Meeting - April 17, 2024 @5:30PM 
  • Finance Advisory Committee Meeting - April 29, 2024 @ 5:30PM
  • Board of Directors Meeting Open Session - May 2, 2024 @ 6PM

For more information about the upcoming meetings for LOCSD, please go to our website, or click here

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