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April 2023 LOCSD ENEWS Online

Helicopter To Make Low-Level Flights Over Los Osos In April For Airborne Geophysical Survey
Helicopter, clouds, sky, trees
Flyover of a helicopter performing an Airborne Electromagnetic Survey

The California Department of Water Resources (DWR), Sustainable Groundwater Management Office will be conducting airborne geophysical surveys are scheduled to be conducted in your area. The surveys will be conducted in groundwater subbasins within portions of San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties over several days starting in April 2023.

This survey is a part of the California Department of Water Resources' (DWR) project to conduct airborne electromagnetic (AEM) geophysical surveys throughout the state. The surveys are being conducted to improve the understanding of groundwater resources and support the local and state goal of improved groundwater management and the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act (SGMA). The surveys are funded through voter­ approved Proposition 68 and there is no additional cost to locals. DWR's video provides more information about AEM surveys:

AEM data are collected from a large hoop towed beneath a helicopter (shown in picture and video). The method is safe, and surveys have already successfully been conducted in several locations throughout California. Surveys will only be conducted during daylight hours and the helicopter will not fly over business, homes, other inhabitable structures, or confined animal feeding operations. The helicopter operator follows all established Federal Aviation Administration rules and regulations, and their highest priority is public safety. 

For more information about the surveys, visit DWR's AEM project website, For questions, please email

DWR encourages the public to get involved in their groundwater management activities through their local groundwater sustainability agency:

Note: the survey start date and the flight period provided in this notification may be extended or delayed by several weeks due to weather, wildfires, or equipment issues. Please check the AEM Survey Schedule webpage for up-to-date information on flight days:

Watering Guide for Coastal Areas 
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Due to climactic differences in the county, SLO Waterwise Landscaping provides a watering guide to residents for different types of landscaping.

The website,, also has a tool that allows users to browse hundreds of beautiful landscape photos and zoom in on a selected plant.  Detailed plant photos and plant information are then displayed, enabling users to select and print a customized plant list. The website’s resources section provides additional tips on landscape design, soil preparation, planting, efficient irrigation techniques, in addition to the watering guides for the county’s different climate zones. 

Click here to go to SLO Waterwise Landscaping for more information on the watering guide for Coastal Areas!

Pet Waste Protocol
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Having a pet can bring many positive benefits – joy, companionship, activity – as well as a greater sense of responsibility. One important responsibility is cleaning up your pet’s waste.

When not properly disposed of, pet waste contributes to litter, community odor issues, and water contamination. When it rains, uncollected pet waste runs into local streams, rivers, lakes and the ocean, causing worms and other bacteria to enter these ecosystems. This contamination in waterways can cause serious health issues in humans. Additionally, the decay of pet waste can create nutrients for weeds and algae to grow, preventing healthy oxygen levels and causing fish to asphyxiate and die.   

Keep San Luis Obispo County waterways safe and community spaces healthy and clean by being a responsible pet owner with these pet waste tips:

  • Keep a well-stocked stash of poop bags by your door or in your car to grab before taking your pet for a walk.
  • Tie poop bags around your pet’s leash or use a poop bag holder attachment.
  • Out of poop bags? If you are at a dog park, ask a nearby pet owner if they can spare a bag. 
  • Tie off your pet waste bags securely to eliminate the potential of contamination or litter.
  • Pet waste cannot go inside your green waste bin – dispose of bagged pet waste in the trash. 

Considering backyard composting your pet waste? While it is possible, the pile must reach at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit for five days to safely sterilize the fecal matter. Most backyard compost systems, however, do not achieve these important minimum safety standards. 

Upcoming Meeting Schedule for the CSD

LOCSD is also continuing with their regularly scheduled Board, Utilities Advisory Committee, Finance Advisory Committee, Emergency Services Advisory Committee and Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meetings. 

Information for each meeting and how to get connected will be available on the Agenda for each meeting. Agendas can be found on the LOCSD Website ( which is posted a minimum of 72 hours before the meeting time.

Our upcoming meetings are: 

  • Utilities Advisory Committee Meeting - April 26, 2023 @5:30PM 
  • Finance Advisory Committee Meeting - May 1, 2023 @ 5:30PM
  • Board of Directors Meeting Open Session - May 4, 2023 @ 6PM
  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Meeting - May 16, 2023 @ 5:30PM
  • Utilities Advisory Committee Meeting - May 17, 2023 @5:30PM 
  • Emergency Services Advisory Committee Meeting - May 18, 2023 @5:30PM 
  • Finance Advisory Committee Meeting - TUESDAY May 30, 2023 @ 5:30PM

For more information about the upcoming meetings for LOCSD, please go to our website, or click here

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