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2020/2021 District Rebate Program


The Los Osos Board of Directors has created a rebate program to help you save money with your conservation efforts. The following items are approved for the Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Rebate Program.

2020/2021 REBATE ITEMS

Flume Smart Water Meter with Phone
  • FLUME Smart Water Monitor 
  • Rebate Amount: For a limited time, Los Osos Community Service District (LOCSD) residents can purchase a Flume Smart Water Monitor for just $99 (after instant rebate from LOCSD)! - Must purchase from Flume Water website. 


  • Toilets: 1.0 Flow or lower

           Rebate Amount: 50% of receipt price not to exceed $100

          Rebate only for customers reducing from 1.6 to 1.0 flow toilets

          Limit 2 toilet rebates per household.

          (Dual flush toilets do not qualify at this time)


  • Clothes Washer: Washer must be listed on the  Certified Clothes Washers List PDF  (Click the link to see the list) and must have at least a water factor of 4.0 or less to be eligible for rebate
Certified Clothes Washers List

           Rebate Amount: $200


  • On Demand/Point of Use Tank-less Water Heater

           System: Gas or Electric

           Rebate Amount: $200


  • Hot Water Recirculation System: Any System

           Rebate Amount: 50% of receipt price not to exceed $250


  • Rain Catchment: Any Size or Brand                     

           Rebate Amount: 50% of receipt price not to exceed $100


The following items are available for free at the Los Osos CSD office:

This program is temporarily suspended until the LOS OSOS CSD office has reopened to the public. Sorry for the invoncenience!


Kitchen Faucet Heads

Hose Timers

Hose Nozzles

Faucet Aerators

Shower Timers


Program Guidelines

The District Rebate Form is available below or at the District front office.

All Rebate Form requests must be accompanied by a receipt dated no earlier than July 1, 2020. Contractor installation receipt may be required for some items.

Once a particular item is rebated to that home, no other rebates will be allowed for that item.                       

Rebates will not be given if you have already received a rebate from the County.

Rebate Form


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