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Bond Refinancing - March 7th Board Presentation

Below is the Final Reassessment report. with updated assessments for your property. Also attached is the Power Point for the March 7th Board Presentation.

Reassessment Report vFinal.pdfAgenda Item 7A Limited Obligation Refunding Bonds Wastewater Assessment District #1 Reassessment & Refunding of 2019.ppt

 If you would like to look up your own information, please use the workbook below. You can look up your savings by using your APN# or the name your property is under. Go to the top right of the page and click on "Find & Select". Once you insert the information click "Find All".  Your information will be highlighted. Look under column G for your person information page number. Go to the Reassessment report to find your page.  Just that simple!

Owner Savings Lookup.xlsx