No Fireworks Reminder

California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
San Luis Obispo Unit / San Luis Obispo County Fire



Chris Elms, Information Officer (805) 903-3424

Alan Peters, Division Chief (805) 903-3406


RELEASE DATE:  December 29, 2017


No Fireworks Reminder


San Luis Obispo – Due to exceptionally dry conditions and significant fire danger still present, CAL FIRE is reminding residents and visitors that all fireworks (use, sale, possession) are illegal in San Luis Obispo County.  Violation will result in a misdemeanor citation with a $2,000 fine.


EXCEPTIONS: State Regulated “Safe and Sane” fireworks are only legal to use, sell and possess within the following jurisdictions:


1.      San Miguel Community Services District, Safe and Sane Only

2.      Templeton Community Services District, Safe and Sane Only

3.      City of Arroyo Grande, Safe and Sane Only

4.      City of Grover Beach, Safe and Sane Only

5.      Oceano Community Services District, Safe and Sane Only


The use of all fireworks is prohibited in all other areas of San Luis Obispo County.


The use of airborne paper lanterns, known as "sky lanterns" or "Chinese lanterns", is also prohibited by ordinance in San Luis Obispo County unless approved by CAL FIRE.


With the large amount of dry grass present throughout the area, any activity that could spark a wildfire, including the use of safe & sane fireworks and sky lanterns, should be strictly avoided. Anyone responsible for starting a wildfire may incur civil and/or criminal penalties including reimbursement of all suppression costs. 


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