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 Hydrogeologist Consultant Solicitation Skyline Monitoring Well Design and Construction Oversight

On behalf of the Los Osos Community Services District (District) and the Basin Management Committee (BMC), please find the following solicitation for providing hydrogeological and construction monitoring services for the design and construction of a deep monitoring well cluster in the Los Osos Groundwater Basin (Basin). The project includes construction of two groundwater monitoring wells drilled approximately 25 feet apart in County right-of-way at the east end of Skyline Avenue.  Project plans are for one 2.5" Schedule 80 PVC well up to 600 feet depth, and one 2.5" Schedule 80 PVC well up to 350 feet depth.  The purpose of the well cluster is to monitor Lower Aquifer Zone D (up to 350 feet depth) and Zone E (up to 600-foot well depth) for seawater intrusion.

On-site observations during well drilling and construction will be performed by a licensed Professional Geologist or staff geologist working under the direct supervision of the Professional Geologist.  A licensed Certified Hydrogeologist will manage the project and provide the final well design.  The tasks to be performed include the following:

  • Review area hydrogeology.
  • Prepare written technical specifications, including a preliminary well design diagram, for the construction and development of the monitoring well cluster. 
  • Prepare a drilling contractor bid sheet and a cost estimate for drilling services.
  • Assist with contractor bidding and selection process (e.g., attend on-site pre-bid meeting, respond to contractor questions, review bids).
  • Coordinate pre-construction meeting.
  • Coordinate activities related to encroachment permit.
  • Review well construction materials for conformity with technical specifications.
  • Monitor pilot hole borehole drilling at each location and prepare borehole lithologic logs.
  • Witness e-log.
  • Provide final well designs.
  • Observe well screen, filter pack, and annular seal installations.
  • Review well development records.
  • Coordinate final inspection.
  • Prepare well construction report including description of on-site activities, construction materials documentation, geologists’ lithologic log, location map, as-built diagram, and Well Completion Report.

If interested in this project, please provide Dan Heimel, BMC Executive Director, with a proposal, limited to 4 pages, outlining your team’s qualifications, approach and fee estimate for the Skyline Monitoring Well Design and Construction Oversight by June 6th, 2023.

Please contact Ron Munds, District General Manager (, and/or Dan Heimel, BMC Executive Director (, if you have questions or for additional information on this solicitation.

For additional information regarding the location and depth of the Skyline Monitoring Well please see the Technical Memorandum below.

Thank you for your consideration of this solicitation.

Technical Memorandum
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