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Election Procedures and Filing Deadlines

This year's General District Election will be held on November 8th, 2016 and will be consolidated with the Presidential Election. Please find the attached document for addtional details:

2016 Consolidation of District Biennial Election



July 6th (125 days prior) - District Secretary completes and delievers the Notice of Elective Offices to be filled, along withe the map of the distric boundaries.

July 11th - Aug 10th (120-90 days prior)= County Elections Official shall publish the Notice of Election for each district containing: 

  • Date of Election
  • Office for which candiates may file
  • Qualifications for office
  • Location where candidates may file for office and the deadlines
  • Statement regarding appointments

County Elections Official shall deliver a copy of all published notices to the District Secretary for posting in the district office.

July 18th - Aug 12th (113-88 days prior) - Nomination Period: Candidates file declaration of candidacy forms and other related nomination documents with the County Elections Official. No person may file papers for more than one district office at the same election. Candidates for Harbor Commisioner must file nomination papers signed by 25 to 50 registered voters within the District.

Insufficient Nominees: If by the close of nominations for a given office, there are insufficient or no nominees, and a petition requesting an election has not been filed, the district will not hold an election. Those candidates who filed Declarations of Candidacy will be appointed in-lieu of election by the Board of Supervisors. Upon recommendation of the District, the Board of Supervisors will make appointments where no candidates filed the requisite papers.

Aug 13th- Aug 17th (88 days prior)- Extended Filing Period- If an incumbent officer does not file a declaration of candidacy by Aug 12th, any person other than the incumbent, may file between these dates. The extension is not applicable if there is no incumbent to be elected. 

Aug 15th- Last day for a candidate to withdraw their Statement of Qualifications. Once file, the statement cannot be changed, only withdrawn. If the office has a filing extension, the last day to withdraw the statement of qualifications is August 18th.

December 9th- Term of Office begins. Prior to taking office, each elective officer shall take the official Oath of Office.