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Your Water Meter

Reading Your Water Meter

The water meter is an important tool for understanding and monitoring water use.  Your water meter keeps track of how much water your household uses. 

Most residential meters are digital.  A digital meter has a large dial and reads in a straight line, much like a car odometer.  It also has a red sweep hand and one complete revolution of that hand indicates one cubic foot (7.48 gallons) of water has passed through the meter.  Your meter is read by District personnel about every 60 days and the results are recorded in billing units - 1 billing unit is 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons.

Left unfixed, leaks waste a tremendous amount of water and can develop into more serious plumbing problems.  If you have a leak it can usually be detected at the water meter.  First, turn off all water uses on the property while you are checking for leaks.  Many newer meters have a small blue star or red triangle on the face of the dial - this is a very sensitive "leak detector" - even a small leak will be indicated by a rotating star or triangle.  If after a few seconds you see no clear movement, you probably don't have a leak.

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Who's Responsible for Leaks?

The District is responsible for the service line in the street, the meter and the connections to it.  The service line and all plumbing fixtures on the customer's side of the meter are the responsibility of the water customer.  If you find a leak in your meter box you should call 528-9370 immediately for staff to investigate the problem.


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